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Friday, April 1, 2011

Concise Summary for New Followers

Ship's Log April 1st,  2011

SV Terrwyn 
50 degrees 03 min. Lat.
125 degrees 13 min. Long.

APM  (April Point Marina) Terrwyn remains snug in her berth of two years. 
There she is snug in her APM berth with her Triskele banner flying high!

We are now two months away from our intended cruise "bound for New Zealand".  This blog was started ten months ago documenting one year of preparation.  

We view this voyage more as a yacht delivery than a cruise due to our limited six month window before leaving Terrwyn in NZ.

Terrwyn is a Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37,  hull no. 231, 1990.  We are the second owners of Lively Lady II (her original name) and denamed and renamed her respectfully on June 2010.  

Proud co-caps during the denaming/renaming ceremony.

As she is twenty-one years old we have completed a total refit in replacing all standing and running rigging, new sails, electronics, ground tackle, new self steering wind vane, refinished topsides, engine overhaul and added a variety of gear to make her a blue water cruising vessel from a coastal cruiser.

Her new name, Terrwyn, is a Welsh feminine name meaning "Brave Fair One"  and the Triskele symbol is an ancient Celtic symbol which represents progress;  forward movement; triads of earth, water, wind...
 Over the last two years Catherine and I have been sailing in Northen Georgia Straits learning Terrwyn's personality and enjoying our own Pacific NW waters...

We will be setting out on this one-way voyage in one week... ahead of schedule, down the Salish Sea to our "advance base camp" in Canoe Cove until the end of May.  Catherine will be living aboard her and provisioning her at the same time as Blackline Marine will be adding a second ( solent) stay [Cathy inserts for non sailors- That's a metal wire that will be attached at the front or bow of the boat, behind the one that is already there, to the mast to hold another one of our sails] and other various bits and pieces.

 Underway across the Pacific we will be updating this blog with our GPS longitude and latitude position through limited text mail via ham radio and/or Satellite phone.  Thank you for following our dream and please leave a comment if you have a minute.  We would love to hear from you!

Fair winds
Co-cap William
"Tide and time wait for no one."


P. S. ... And into the future think little guy, think underdog, think ukulele...
...presenting the world's greatest living ukulele player Jake Shimabukuro... 

                          ...and finally Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole playing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"...

 ...and into the South Pacific armed with our own ukes... Here we come!!