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Sunday, August 28, 2011

We have lost track of time.

Ship's Log

August 24, 2011
Lat 17 degrees 30 min S

Lon 149 degrees 51 min W

"I am Sorry"

O. M. Goodness, we have lost track of time. When it happened I have no idea. Each day rolls into the next and where are we? Minetta and Nicholas have arrived and we all sailed to Moorea. Hahiti was lovely and we are topped up with diesel, propane, gas, water, all manner of food and fishing gear replenished.

(Coming through the Tuamotos)there was a wild night of storm as we approached Tahiti followed by a sleighride south to Cape Venus (on the island of Tahiti)"full & bye" in brilliant Trade Wind breeze. All the Tuamoto Transit has faded, the Papeete Marche (Public Market) has been traversed several times.

Scuba diving is the present task and Moorea's Baie de Opunohu is our current abode. "On the hook" in 40 feet of water with not a boat in sight. Papeete has everything minus fast internet. We had hoped to send along pictures and videos however not to be - yet!

Lost in Paradise



  1. Hey Bill and Cathy,
    I think the 'lost track of time" was a world wide phenomena as August has vanished and I have no idea where. I once read a study in the APA journal, in which a Prof spent his career quatifiing the Experience of time. Remember when a week to Christmas was forever? Anyways the depressing part was that we "experience" 50% of our life by age 20. Over the next 20 yrs we experience 25% of our life, and then between 40 and 80 we only sense 25% of our lives. He explained that this is why time seems to go faster and faster as we age. There ya go Billy boy, a challenge, get out there and experience a day so magical that time stops for you.

    Big Bear Hugs
    The Bear

  2. Good for you to have lost track of time. Enjoy every scene and experience, including more opportunities for clear glass swimming in the deep depths of the ocean.
    Mark and Laura