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Friday, December 21, 2012

Dreams Do Come True Part II

Catherine and William arrive in Tahiti and pick up their crew (daughter Minetta and her boyfriend, Nick) for the next six weeks.  The four of them explore the Society Islands and then head off to Tonga.  Min and Nick jump ship there and take off to Fiji while Catherine and William set sail for the final leg of this journey... destination New Zealand.

Hope you enjoy the images of our journey...

In case the video doesn't play please click on this link:            Dreams Do Come True Part II


  1. Loved the video! Once again you took me away to another place with the wonderful choice of music and photography. Great sharing this with you!

  2. I love the underwater photos! What kind of camera do you use for those? That's something I really want to invest in before we go. Looking at the photos, I wonder how hard it must be to leave each place. How long did you get to spend at each island?