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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Anaho Bay NE Nuku Hiva

Lat 8 degrees 49 min S

Lon 140 degrees 03 min W

Distant rooster or two; carol of no-name song birds; ripple, ripple, gurgle of water along side; Cathy purring right here and a gentle little swaying motion of the boat. No roll this morning in paradise. Temperature perfect, little breeze wiffles through. Agenda - rest and water, maybe explore the coral reef described right along side and fresh water showers on the beach.

Our best anchorage in the Marquases and one of the finest. Definitely sad and bitter sweet (as it is our last anchorage in this group of beautiful islands) but a wonderful spot to replace our fresh water (first time) and heal our tattoos and my little "Man Flu".

Replenishing our ship's water. I love this as it can now be added to my list of Nautical Traditions of old I have read and dreamed about so often. And it will be classically schlepping jerrry lcans in the dink from beach to boat, back and forth. 20 gallons /trip X5, a labour of love. Off the palm lined beach.

Other traditions I love:

1) LAN, "noon site", latitude calculation from the sun's Meridian Passage each "noon" and the official beginning of each sea day.

2) Rum ration at Dog Watch (after the beer is done).

2) Neptune's Party (we Pollywogs molting into Shellbacks on crossing the Equator).

3) Nightly lowering the ensign and hoisting the "kerosene anchorlight" (Lyn and Larry - thank you!).

4) Hanking on and off our staysail on the heaving foredeck at sea.

5) Tattoos in South Pacific.

6) Racing every sailboat in sight.

But we must refocus on today, explore the coral reef and check out the village ashore that awaits us.

From Anaho Bay we set sail direct for Papeete - 800+ nm (SSW). We have decided to navigate through the Tuamoto's rather than stop and enter some coral atoll through coral atoll entrance using visual navigation, and all the risks attendant. Old sailors, not bold sailors, we be. "Through the Tuamoto's" is bold plenty and this way we avoid further windward tacks i.e. it's downwind for "full n' bye" on the SE Trades for Tahiti we are next bound - someday too soon.

Fair Winds



  1. Hey Billy Boy, can't wait to get a gander at the Tattoo. I have truly enjoyed every entry in both of yours' blog, and appreciate the effort it takes to produce it. Although I get such a sence of enuei, and of course regular sheer jealously, combined with admiration for you doing it. I'm sitting here listening to the beeps in the dark, and dreaming I had the courage to do what you have. Be safe and remember 'Today is a Great Day To Be Alive", because you are together and out there seeing life.

    Big Bear Hugs to You Both
    The Bear

  2. Hi Bill

    Keep on replenishing the water as well as passing the water. I am happy for you.


  3. August 9
    Greetings to you from us, enroute onboard VIA Rail's The Ocean from Moncton to Halifax. We are having wonderful trip of exploring ....we began with flying to London, Ontario on July 20th to visit with Alanna, who is working this summer at UWO. Explored Stratford, London, Tillsonburg, Sarnia, Point Pelee, Chatham, Niagara on the lake (wineries) Niagara Falls, Grand Bend, Toronto, Lakes Erie, Huron and Ontario. This past week we have enjoyed southern New Brunswick. Your sailing adventure is wonderful....thanks for sharing your stories.
    Hugs and calm seas
    Mark and Laura

  4. We are watching your journey progress on YOTREPS again! Happy sailing!

    April and Brent

  5. Very much enjoying the blogs. Happy that you both are living your dream.

    Hugs. Maureen