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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Ships' log

Lat 23 degrees 54 min S

Lon 179 degrees 51 min EAST!!

25 hours, not that we're counting, competitive, calculating or cunning... however it has been a wonderful day/sail/moment. You have to love the open ocean - even light air days with the chute up and drawing; threading a course between Pelorous Reef to Starboard and unnamed shoals to port - 70 miles apart. Course made good - 245 compass, 25 hours with spinnaker up 100% of the time. Cathy having cut her land lubber teeth completely now; doing her watches through the night flying the 'kite' all by herself - even dousing the mainsail solo by starlight. A very happy and proud co-cap awakened me after the fact - next morning. After NZ Darwin is looking very good!

Following the spinnaker we endured our second gale and came out today with Trade Wind Paradise. However we crossed the 23 degree 45 min South Latitude this morning (the Tropic of Capricorn) and also the International Dateline and the water is cooler and the nights almost cold. Yes, it is happening... we are no longer in "The Tropics" nor the West, but in "The Temperate Latitudes" and "the East". 860 nm to Auckland S SW, forward ho!!

Fair winds



  1. Hi Bill and Cathy!
    Sounds like you're having a great time. I like the 'onward to Darwin' plan!! At FMC everything is the same so don't rush back here...

  2. Looks like your journey is coming to a close! Quite the adventure, one you'll be replaying for many years, no doubt; twill be the stuff of dreams.

    April and Brent