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Friday, January 20, 2012

Flying the Spinnaker...and the Drifter... Including an exciting trailer...

Catherine and William continue their journey across the grand Pacific Ocean, now captured on video...

 Here they are 'sailing' through the ITCZ or otherwise often known as "the doldrums". Flying both the poled out spinnaker (or genniker) and drifter with full main they are able to sail downwind picking up what little breeze there is!

And now, finally, here is the trailer for the exciting movie that you have all been waiting for (coming to a theatre near you) !!!


  1. LOLOL!!! Brilliant theatrical trailer, Cath!

  2. Thanks Jenny! It was so much fun to make - I think doing trailers would be a very fun occupation!

  3. From Glenn: I love the full frontal scene of Bill shaking his tuna for the camera. Impressive!

  4. Do I see a second career in the making? Dramatic documentaries? 'Wild man against the beasts of the sea!' or 'The drama with the no-cooperating drifter...err gennaker...'.

    Excellent theater! Keep it up


  5. Glenn: We thought that might be the 'highlight' for many people! I had to be very careful to capture just the right clip... most of that bit was R rated!! :-)

  6. Magnus, I must say that this is so much fun that I was wishing that I had started this much earlier in my life... imagine a theatrical trailer creator as a career!!! How much fun would that be??? Also, it was such fun last night... thanks for a great party! We loved seeing your slide show of sailing in the Caribbean and Panama!

  7. When you said there'd be nudity Bill, I didn't expect the Full Monty...ha ha! Well, I guess Cathy's awesome editing work (and the Tuna) kept it under control :)
    It was fun to follow your blog and now it's so neat to see these videos. Thanks for sharing your amazing adventure.
    And the sequel will happen, when??

  8. Hi Becky,

    Thanks for the note... it was tough to find a clip that had all the important bits covered (somewhat) believe me!
    Yes, now regarding the sequel... being worked on as we speak so will be out... soon!

  9. What a great blog - and I LOVE it that your names are Catherine and William!!! Your videos DID make me smile!!


  10. Thanks so much, Sarah! I need to add some more videos before we head offshore again! I love your blog by the way!

    Isn't it great that we match a royal couple (by names only, of course!)... I was able to pick up some lovely "Catherine and William" souvenirs for our china cabinet e.g. small mug that has the royal Catherine and William design!