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Thursday, October 4, 2012

First Landfall

We finally reached land after 40 days and 40 nights at sea.  Bill is happy to do some cleaning chores while at anchor and the water is as warm as a bath tub.  We have yet to see Cathy go ashore!  What does that mean?  Stay tuned...


  1. What an interesting video. Such a clean cockpit, and a calm sea near the end; don't know if I would could sail the open seas with the wave action at the beginning of this - the motion made me feel like I was on the ocean. The manta rays are beautiful creatures. Such opulent living with homemade lemonade! Lovely!

  2. Thanks Mark... It really is wonderful the way Bill goes to work scrubbing everything in sight! Our boat has to be the shiniest vessel out there :) We really did love having access to unlimited supplies of lemons. They go very nicely with rum :D

  3. I love the whole thing. The sea looks peaceful with the big swells, and of course, that lovely warm water. Manta rays? What a dream! They are on my bucket list and I cannot wait to see some. I really cannot imagine water so warm you can swim in it like that. Lovely.

    1. I know Melissa! I was in heaven as I hate swimming in cold water and, as you know, sailing in the Pacific Northwest is nothing but cold water even in the summer!

  4. WOW! Great video. Absolutely amazing that you made it. Congrats!! Looking forward to more updates.

  5. Oh, wow! I'm so jealous - this looks heavenly! I have swum quite a lot in the English Channel but it's never felt warm. Bearably cold at best!!!

    This looks like paradise!