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Thursday, January 10, 2013

William and Catherine sail from Tonga to New Zealand which is the last leg of the first segment of their circumnavigation.  Their final destination in this leg was like going back into their past.   They first met over 35 years ago in New Zealand and now have sailed back there together. 

They were eager to explore the North Island since they both had lived in South Island so many years ago.  Terrwyn is now put on the hard in Gulf Harbour Marina and the team there will look after her (adding and changing while the Co-caps head back to Canada to work to fill the sailing kitty in readiness for the next leg of their circumnavigation...  New Zealand to Africa, April, 2013.

Here are a few images and music that might give you a glimpse into the last leg of the South Pacific voyage:

Fair winds and smooth seas
William (Bill) AKA Scuppers and Catherine (Cathy) AKA Poppy


  1. Cool video - great pics (loved the lighthouse!) and loved the music too...especially that version of Over the Rainbow. My sons would love all the Lord of the Rings things in that area. Have fun!!

    1. Hi Kelly!
      Thanks for your kind comment...

      I am working on our new blog for this next leg of our journey which you will find at:

      I am hoping to do some work on it while still having access to wifi (at the public library) that I don't have to pay for... then we will be updating it from the boat via the satellite phone!!

  2. Hey Bill
    It's Pierre from the ME's office. I'm looking forward to the blogs and any pictures that you post, have a safe trip.


    1. Hi Pierre,

      Thanks for your comment. So sorry it took me so long to reply. If you would like to see more blog entries we also have the blog for our last leg of our circumnavigation at

      Thanks again
      Bill and Cathy