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Sunday, June 12, 2011

It is feeling warmer!, and there was a moon last night giving a horizon - at last - first time!!

Ship's Log June 11 SV Terrwyn

Lat 35 degrees North

Lon 134 degrees West
Where is this? - Try -

Course 180 degrees Magnetic

Speed 3-6 knots

Seas from the North at 2 metres

Breeze North 5-10 kts

Air temp is 62 degrees F up from 58 degrees F (sorry our digital thermometer must be American!!)
12th day at sea and 650 nm West of Los Angeles

100% overcast for the 5th Straight day

Barometer steady at 1025 with gradually warming temperatures
Good day from Terrwyn! We are healthy and life afloat is good with our routines settling in:

Cathy on watch 20:00 - 02:00 (that is 8pm to 2am) each night Bill on watch from 02:00 - 08:00 (2am to 8am) each night.

During the day it is "pick up sticks" i.e each of us on watch and filling our days with naps, snacks, fishing, navigating, cooking and, oh yes, sailing Terrwyn as fast and safe as we can! Both of us are very conscience of having our safety tethers attached to our jacklines whenever we are above decks. Doing that is important for us to have it as second nature to be tethered in no matter what the conditions - one gets very adept hooking in and out.

We've been sailing double head sail rig with two spinnaker poles but today we changed up to the Spinnaker!!

It is feeling warmer! And there was a moon last night giving a horizon - at last - first time!! If we didn't have GPS it would be pure DR (dead reckoning which means sailing just using the compass) navigation as there has been no sun, no stars, no moon for over a week now! Averaging 120 nautical miles in light N breeze as we head south in the Eastern side of the North Pacific High. Far past the notorious Washington-Oregon lee shore in the Roaring Forties.. YAHOO!! We made it over that challenge!!

Wildlife includes visits from the Black-Footed Albatross and occasionally we spot a Layson Albatross swooping around (eyeing our Tuna teaser fishing gear!)... we also have seen Storm Petrels, Shearwaters and one visit from the beautiful "Little Fairy Tern". It is fun to try to identify our curious visitors although we do worry that they might try to swallow our tuna fishing lures which we dutifully set out each day. No fish yet! We are hoping that a tuna or Mahi-Mahi will eventually not be able to resist our delicious looking lures! Cathy is ready with soya sauce in hand for our first tuna sashimi!! Come on fishies!!

From Cap'n Billy: It is this boy's dream, rather like held up in a high alpine hut for days of bad weather surrounded by climbing gear and simple galley fare (Cathy says..." Hey, not so simple in a rockin' and rollin' galley!!")... where rest, food, commradeship and reading never was better. Solid one star digs in a world unto ourselves, watching weather and working our boat. Far, far from usual urban life finally really doing it (crossing this might ocean one day at a time) rather than that preparatory, getting ready life we have been living for years it seems. Today we are here. I am so thankful and never been happier or more gainfully employed at life with the one person on the planet right her within 37 feet of me at all times who I love; entering the middle game.

Thanks for reading us...
Fair winds to all
Love from

William and Catherine

SV Terrwyn


  1. We're following your blog with great interest and wishing you the very best.

    Fair winds,

    Dave and Rosemary Lesser

  2. Ahoy!
    What a fantastic, adventurous journey! Thanks for the updates!

    Fair winds

    Mark and Laura

  3. Wonderful to hear about and follow your progress.

    Happy sailing,

    Diane & Howard

  4. Hey Crew,
    Billy Boy you're waxing poetic out there, it sounds so much like the sailors life is your life. Hopefully you'll break out of the greys and see some blues. It seems to my following eye, that you are making good time. Here's hoping you remembered the wasabi for the tuna. Wasabi/soya marinade let it soak, over I'm suddenly hungry.
    Bill you ain't missing a thing back here, bad weather, little sun, and work is un ending.

    Your Jealous Friend
    The Bear

  5. Hi Cathy and Bill,
    Great to hear that things are going well. We think of you often wondering how and where you are.
    We are still waiting for summer here on Quadra.
    Take care!

    Carole and Richard