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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Small things such as this are very significant

Ship's Log 0630 Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lat 44N

Long 130 W

(Please note, this is the correct Lat & Long; I contacted the crew last night for correction - They are off the Oregon Coast. If you want to see where they are as we hear updates, type the coordinates into this neat online tool   I will add this link to their blog... BB)

It's been a week now of cold sailing. Just finishing my 'trick' of "Middle Watch" 00:00 - 4:00 (i.e. Midnight to 4am).Tired, sleep deprived but high as a kite. We're on a starboard broad reach (meaning the wind is coming from the right and towards the back 1/4 part of the boat) on a course of 200 magnetic under staysail and jib alone (the staysail is one of our smaller sails and the jib is a fairly large sail at the very front of the boat). Terrwyn is maintaining 6.8 - 7.0 knots surfing now to 8 knots. Just enough daylight to see now...bleak, 100% overcast, drizzle and cold (oh yes, and did we mention bleak??). Cath is just rousing from her berth, I believe due to the ship's increased motion and the sound of water rushing by her head about 8 inches away! This is our best run since Sidney. We have been essentially beating our wayso far into the SW breeze (cold!). We can't believe it will ever be warm but keep trying to make southing now that we are at latitude 130 degrees W and over 200 miles off the Oregon coast. Our life aboard is settling out and I love our new routines. That's about it for now. Time I get a basin of warm water and a hot coffee ready for my co-cap, wife, lover and best friend (Cathy agrees).

signing out
P. S. from Catherine:
We are quite excited that it is Sunday as that is the day we are allowed a bottle of wine with dinner... believe me small things such as this are very significant when one is in a small boat alone in the wide, wide sea (apologies to Michael Morpurgo).
Fair winds

Catherine and William

SV Terrwyn


  1. NCW calling WCN. Hope all goes well and that you'll have warm weather soon - Cape Mendicino! (hopefully sooner than that). Going to the Coast this weekend and take Bella Maria out for a sail. We'll you! hugs, Neil (Capt) & Dory (Brig Gen).

  2. Hey Bill and Cathy,
    I look forward to vicariously and not with just a little jealousy following your travels.
    So sorry you are 'enjoying' an traditional west coast June weather, hopefully it will break as you get further south and away.
    Bill what frequency do you monitor for your Ham radio, I will haver to try to link up when you are on air.
    Wishing you fair winds and safe passage.

    The Bear
    VE6 ZZS ( Shean)