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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dates and Destinations

Co-Cap William here.

"Never say where or when you're leaving."  Crusing Rule #1.  And here we are ONE year - and counting - till we sail out Juan de Fuca into the Pacific, Marquesas bound.  Sorry, however, being neither religious nor superstitious, one must be true to one's self and go with it!  And time is short, and here we go.

June 1, 2011... Billy has a six month LOA and we are going.  Hence after 18 months of Lively Lady (and crew) maximum prep, lists counting down and 12 months to go we are on track and able to tell the truth and dream the impossible dream - out loud.

So far so good.  I have pressure of pen, fearful of boring you all with boat details and personal, especially possessive, pronouns.  However, please feel free to skip below details if so inclined.

Lively Lady II of Bellingham will so be Terrwyn of Victoria, BC with proper ceremony to Neptune in her new colours and sheen.  LL is currently "on the hard" having her topsides and decks refinished and boot and sheer stripes painted burgundy to match her black cherry sail covers and dodger. 

This haulout is primarily the cosmetic refit of her refitted ground tackle, wind vane, sails, rigging, upholstery and electronic navigation.  Only electrical solar panels, EPIRB, ditch bag, life raft and batteries to go to complete her 20 year refit and blue water preparation.  (Did I mention new windlass, anchors, Sparrow - our hard dinghy, Monti - the Moniter wind vane, celestial navigation hand held computer and sextant?).  Our goal is to finish her material refit by the end of summer and focus on our familiarization of all systems in the final six months. 

So far so good, Cape Mudge has provided fantastic water and mucho 25 - 30 knot winds sailing and heavy too.  We've spent more time charging about with staysail and double reefed main than full double headsail set. 

I keep telling Cathy after 1 year here we've seen much bigger water and more wind than 12 years of sailing about the Gulf Islands.  The Northern Salish Sea and Discovery Islands are not the Gulf Islands and Southern Strait of Georgia.

It is a standing joke to be fretting about getting our bimini and weather cloths just right to shield the sun to come, while we sneak about under the dodger and duck green water flying by.  Discovery Passage flooding south at 8 knots into a week of SE'erly blowing at 25k and out we go, it didn't matter it was pouring rain - who knew?  Trade wind cumulus here we come ASAP. 

We are also celebrating our First Wedding Anniversary here at Wickininish Inn, Tofino and it's a special time - words do not work.  There are times to grab and times to reach and this day we are reaching and celebrating our lives and this adventure together.

Thank you for reading me

(alias Co-Cap William)


  1. Dear Bill and Cathy:
    Best wishes on your first anniversary.
    Your 2011 adventure sounds fascinating!
    Happy sailing and prepping!
    Mark and Laura

  2. Bill and Cathy

    Andrew would like to join your crew! (Actually - so would his Dad..) All the best in building your readiness. The launch excitement is such a fun part of the journey!

    Happy Anniversary to both of you.


    Gord & Rhonda

  3. fair winds with your voyage. My trip may be next June. please e-mail me with any advice for stuff you learned along the way.

    Jean & Denise
    Cal 2-27 Carmela
    Madera, CA