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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mid-Winter Sailing Dreams

Brrrrr... oh my, what are we doing in this "frozen wasteland"?
Bill, Cathy and friend Allison Budd on the trail up to the Plain of Six Glaciers at the end of Lake Louise

Happy skiiers Bill and Cathy taking a break from breaking trail on the Plain of Six Glaciers trail.
Okay I admit this is not too shabby a place to be spend a wonderful weekend of X country skiing...
Cathy, Bill and Allison along the trail to Plain of Six Glaciers with Chateau Lake Louise in the background (photo taken by Mike Budd)

Cathy, Bill and Allison with Plain of Six Glaciers as backdrop.

... and afterwards stay at a wonderful rustic lodge deep in the snowy woods read or gather with friends with glasses of red wine or scotch (or both) in front of a blazing wood fire,  enjoy gourmet meals prepared by a top knotch chef,  tottle off to a down quilt covered bed in one of the rustic log cabins for a well deserved sleep...  
Storm Mountain Lodge, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
Cozy view of Storm Mountain Lodge

Great place to curl up with a good book.
Waiting for good cheer to be poured!
Cathy deep in a good book...
Bill, Cathy, Mike and Allison - all happy diners!

Yes, even now we are sailing - although the sailing we are doing is continuing our preparations for our big voyage.  Lately we have: installed a new bimini with sturdy frame over the cockpit; ordered new weather cloths with nice big storage pockets to hang off the aft lifelines; order a portable solar panel and battery from Goal0 so we can get a bit more power for all our electronic toys (plus it includes 3 cool LED lights that we can place around the cockpit at night when we are at anchor); ordered a laptop and Kindle charger from iGo so we can receive Sailmail and read our novels :-)...

... and finally our big work - arranging with Blackline Riggers from Canoe Cove to have a solent furler headsail added to our bowsprit (it will actually add an 18" bowsprit to what we have presently).  In order for the headsail work to be done in time for our June 1 ETD we will need to sail Terrwyn down to Canoe Cove, Sydney (Vancouver Island) and that will now happen early in April!  Wow!  That is not very far away!
Well, I guess that's all for now...

So see you when we see you!
Co-caps Catherine and William
SV Terrwyn

Cathy peeking out of Terrwyn's companionway - note the new bimini.


  1. Take me, Take me. Im so excited to follow you guys. Alan :)

  2. Hey, Alan, you need to come have a South Pacific adventure in Roo! Meet you in the Marquesas :-)
    Cath and Bill

  3. Hi Cathy and William,

    Amazing photos of your snow trekking. My old knees wouldn't work too well in those temperatures, but it would be worth dropping in by helicopter to "Storm Mountain Lodge" to test out some of those red wines. My sort of wilderness escape venue.

    Meanwhile, deep in the South Pacific where it is a 27 degree C Sunday morning, with black thunder clouds building up, we are hunkering down for a build up of a cyclone system in the Coral Sea.

    Looking forward to sv "Terrwyn" appearing over our horizon - perhaps in 2012. Too much to see and do on the "Puddlejump route before you get to Niue.

    In the meantime thank you for becoming members of the Niue Yacht Club. You are members #1501. Current population of Niue 1300. Thus we have more world wide members on our data base since 1992 than there are Niueans living here

    "The Biggest Little Yacht Club in the World" with no yachts of our own, and the Commodore has never left the wharf - apart from sundowners on our mooring field during the sailing season.

    Ou motto is "Arrive as visitors, leave as friends"

    As the Niueans would say, "Fakaaue lahi mahaki!" A very big thank you, new members 1501.

    Niue Yacht Club.