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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pirates of the South Pacific!!! NOT...!!!!

OK... those of you who already know that there are no pirates... (yes, I said NO PIRATES... ) in the South Pacific, are probably wondering why I would spend time on blogging about pirates when we are going through the South Pacific (where there are NO PIRATES)...

...except perhaps, this one:

(and only on DVD and only the 1st three episodes, at that, as the 4th one is coming out this summer whilst we are on the greatest adventure of our lives - to date)!

Of course, as in any part of the world, one can always find  thieves, burglars, pickpockets and generally just bad people if one were looking for them.  But, just as for bad weather, we take precautions for avoiding bad people.  As co-cap William always says "When in a large foreign city one does not wander around alone after dark."  (Okay I forgot that rule while in Athens... sorry!).  Hence in any of the large foreign cities that we encounter in the South Pacific we promise not to wander around alone after dark. 

So... that's that!!  Oh yes, and the other question that we've been asked:  Are you taking a gun?

The answer is no!  (Shhhhhh... please don't tell all those South Pacific pirates or they'll bound to come after us!)  :-)

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