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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Preparations - Step #2

Ok... now that we purchased the boat of our (read - Bill's) dreams... we need to get to know her.  Even though there may be many boats like ours (we have hull # 231) each one has its own delightful idiosyncracies.

Now we needed to sail, sail and more sail in all kinds of conditions...

1) Light airs - in the Quadra May Day Race - this was a view from our deck to the three boats in front of us.  Racing really makes your learning curve steepen (at least it did mine!).

2) Moderate winds -  while sailing down to Port Townsend to have our new sails 'bent on'...

3)  Really light airs (aka 'can we really sail in these conditions?') -

4) Heavy winds and seas - during our trip back from Port Townsend in late March and early April (we were sailing in the northern part of the Georgia Strait while hurricane force winds created havoc)... hard to capture on film!

Of course this part of our preparation will be ongoing!

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