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Saturday, July 23, 2011

ALL PEANUTS - July 19th

Hana Moe Noa Bay , TUHUATA Island, Marquesas

Lat 9 degrees 54 min S
Lon 139 degrees 06 min W

This is paradise, no question. Tropical in the South Pacific and we are here and it is postcard beauty and it is very good.

Sail or laze all day, anchor off white sandy beach, swim, fish and then swap parties throughtout the night with new cruising friends from all over the world. Austrian, Australian, Swiss, American, Brits, Kiwis, Hungarians and us. Everyone from far away and yes just like us. We have lots to talk about, swap sea stories, distant lands and great scare stories.

The Peanuts. After all the above of course we love our boats and I love comparative anatomy. I wanted to compare Terrwyn with the 2 dozen boats with whom we have been watching and gunkholing down wind here in the Marqueses.

Thirty five years ago in NZ I met a similar "cruiser" initially as my patient who had just crossed the Tasman Sea in his yacht. A 29 foot glass sloop. We talked all night i.e. I asked and he answered sailing stories. I was hooked and now we are here in Terrwyn. These boats here are all bigger than Terrwyn. Averaing 43 feet I guess, glass, half are retired charter boats from the Carribean and now very much "off white" i.e. dirty and bruised, littered with stuff on deck after years afloat . We are newly out a whoe 2 months, they are 2 years out. Basic, beaten up working sails all furling gear and an inflatable dinghy with outboards hanging off their painters. They - large, spacious windows; we small portholes.

About 1/3 are big boxy catamarans. Big and loaded with children, no safety anything, minimal visible supervision and scary as heck but they are happy and the young parents relaxed. Power to youth.

The guys all love Terrwyn (we all love everyone else's boats) and its great sport comparing gear. Below decks in the few we have gone below are palatial and lovely. (Terrwyn is a boat, small and largely filled with stuff).. Cathy's eyes have been dilated for sure. But it is amazing these big boats all have water makers, use electronic charts virtually exclusively, generators, no sextants, no paper charts, and no pee bucket that I have seen. Amazing. Out boat is 10 feet 10 inches and our breeboard id 13 feet. These boats are 14 - 16 feet across and 5 feet freeboard at least. We have a tiller and a windvane, they have a big wheel often double wheels and internal electronic auto helms. I grew up reading the Hiscocks' (Wanderers 31-35 feet; the Roths' (Whisper - 35 feet) and the Pardeys' (Serrafyn and Taleisin at 24 and 28 feet) and felt BIG and

Boorish with Terrwyn's lengthy 37 feet, but this generation of boaters are at least 1/2 as big again or double our size and displacement and we look small. Amazing. We are smaller for sure, however every bit or more seaworthy (I believe.) but as my English yachtsman in NZ back when was saying "29 ft - 60 ft yachts in the big open ocean are all peanuts ' big or small'. All just peanuts." Coming from the smallest peanut around... I just love that phrase.

Back to business, just putting about on this boat,



  1. Bill and Cathy: I am a late arrivee, and have read your blog as fast as I could to "catch up". As the owner of a Crealock 37 yawl I am just absorbed in your adventures. I do not understand the bucket concept though. Why were you not using the toilet?

  2. Enjoyed your description of the boats and the bluewater gear at Tuhuata. What an adventure! I imagine that after all those weeks, you must have had "sea legs" when you walked about on dry land.

    Here on south Vancouver Island, we had our warmest day yet at 27 degrees Celcius. We hopped in our 13 1/2 foot Metzeler and motored to a small Island on Shawnigan Lake for our first swim of the season.

    Jeanne Socrates has been sailing her 38 foot Najad around the world: ( two young teens sailed similar sized "peanuts" as well around the world - some in very difficult seas.

    Interesting question in previous comment about the toilet.

    April and Brent

  3. Hey All,
    For me, I got a visual on the bucket myself, and am content that they ar relieved ( sorry of rthe pun). I am landlocked, and trailer as often as possible, we have a rule, no poops in the bathroom. but then we can just pull up to an outhouse so to speak.
    I truly admire and am jealous of the whole adventure. Ask Bill, I was drooling over his trip.
    Bear Hugs

  4. Oh My - You are there! So wonderful to catch up with you via this nifty blog - and you made it sound so easy. I was out on Lotus again today - tis the season before boat show...painting the ceiling above where we sat- glossy enamel, pale creamy yellow. I thought of you both and came home to find you. I will sleep well tonight with dreams of paradise and Terrwyn and you. Christian and Brion