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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thank you Everybody!

July 1st
Ships log
Lat 03 degrees 15 min S

Lon 138 degrees 14 min W

Thank you Everybody!

Hello aagain from Terrwyn in the South Pacific! Course 190 degrees True, Speed 6.3 kts Canada day!!!
Our daily routine opens 8-9 am (BC time) with OJ, coffee and Jerry J. Walker. This is a tearful moment for me as my Poppa passed away just a week before we left and he was my personal mentor and older male go to guy, great friend and started me out on this adventure. Art Jones was a great man and I only wish you were reading this. Thank youPoppa. I miss you so.

The sails are now re-set, re-focussed fiddled, tuned, trimmed, walked about and admired.

Our kids are all flown and out there. Angie and nick are coming to Papeete for the duration of the voyage. Sorry Cam, Eric and Willis but your guys are here with us always. Mikey, thanks so much. You have been here and remain to be our closest contact. And Phillip thanks for being there. Gerry and work buddies thanks for giving us this LOA in so many ways. Please say hi to our team for me... is it all the big and half the small  syringe or the other way around?  Gord our Blog Boy a HUGE ongoing thanks to you!! Dan and Alice we love you and scorpio with Shaula at the stinger is in full glory as we keep hoping to hear Shaula's name story. Dave and Rhonda ... the mallet, black bucket, and zinc oxide cream are all golden... thanks! Randy's satellite is here as is our Bolivian mega tea kettle and our bivvy overbag from Foster is a middle night watch staple. I think about our alpine trips daily and below decks are now approaching our advanced camp in macho roughness only here everything is wet, sticky and in perpetual motion. Uncle Iain and Aunty Iris and extended Yusep, Mcleod, Hopkins clan thank you for our Catherine and for being so supportive. Brothers Jim and Don howdy guy. Boatyard Alan TY! Of course Chrissy and Dick for Lively lady II and our visits on Brown Island. Hasse and crew, Christian and BToss, and the entire Blackline Gang - great jobs. We appreciate all the TLC and CC berth. Peter J. this is your vessel. I cannot recount the umpteen projects your skilled hands have done and the good times we've had aboard. APM community - Diane, Howard, Merle and Karie. It was secure and fun to be part of your neighbourhood. TY. CRH - thanks guys for the work and time with you expecially David and bev, Richard and Carole.

There, sorry for the oversights no doubt.

We are now calculating our expected first landfall in less than one week.

It's been a boisterous few days pounding south into these 2 mtr SE swells... everything is wet and sticky with all hatches and portholes are closed protection from the perpetual spray, We keep hoping for a lift (backing breeze) but not looking hopeful. We got an extra 5-10 kts of SE wind last night which forced us to turn down and reach a touch SW but at 7 kts its was a wild ride nevertheless and we will likely need to throw in a tack back East to 137 degrees West for our final approach to Hiva Oa. Calm will be nice.

The flying fish are everywhere... red-tailed Tropicbirds, Storm Petrels, Shearwaters are our little buddies.

That's about it for today. Thanks to all readers for suffering through my thanks.


Co-cap Billy

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  1. we are trying to locate Dan and Alice of Shaula. We are Bob and Gail French, Do you know their email address?