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Friday, July 15, 2011

Phone call from Fatu Hiva

Dear Readers,

I just recieved communication from Cathy and Bill via Cam (Cathy's son).  All is well...
Hi Gord,

This morning I looked down at my phone as it rang to see my moms name pop up on the caller ID! They have arrived at the Marquesas safe and sound but the only form of communication available to them is Mom's iPhone (possible advert there- will talk to apple). They wanted me to send you a short update to be passed on to their friends and family.

They were moored at Fatu Hiva but as of that call had not yet stepped onto land. Later they planned on visiting the island to celebrate Bastille Day in the village and take in some traditional food & drink. Since they are so far south in the island group and it's not a point of entry they will be the only white people in the village.

Bill also let me know that the Bay of Virgins was initially called the Bay of Verges (Penis) due to the phallus shaped rock formations on either side of it. That prude Captain Cook or his band of missionaries thought that name too unsavoury and changed it to Vierges which people now just call Virgins which makes much less sense. He also mentioned a 5' Manta Ray followed their boat for the end of the journey there.

They will hopefully have access to some form of communication soon.

Hope you are doing well and please say hi to Rhonda and the kids.


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  1. Congratulations! We have been following your Blog with great interest as we prepare for our own departure.

    Pam & Ted Simper
    "Roundabout II"

  2. Ia orana' Bill and Cathy
    We have received by your family an overdue concerning your sloop. Is it possible to confirm us by mail that everything is ok and to give us your present position ?

    MRCC PAPEETE (polynesian coastguards)