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Monday, December 19, 2011

Carabiners and Carbs

Safety comes first in our boat!  We always say that if there is a choice of a way to do something or a choice of routes to take we will always choose the safer option.  Hence we are very attentive to being hooked into our jack lines - even while in the cockpit! 

We also have certain chores to do each day... everything from checking the fishing lines to taking a fix on our chart to making sure the fresh produce is still edible! 

Here's a peek :

Til next time...

Cathy and Bill
SV Terrwyn


  1. Bill, welcome home, you and Cathy are my heroes. I love the blog. Now that that your back suffering through life like the rest of us mere mortals we are going to have to get together for a scotch. The new boat is The` pronounced Tay-Ah. I love you guys.
    PS where am I headed? I’m kidnapping a little Canadian girl and setting of to find Terrwyn.

  2. I didn't recognize your hand in the video Cathy! I think I'm used to the same thing just 20 shades darker :)

  3. Alan you need to sail up to our little place on Quadra Island this summer... then we will share stories over many scotches!
    Minners - I know, I think maybe Ill become a hand model!