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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cooking and Communication on Terrwyn

Here's a little clip in which Co-Cap Cath gives us a little tour of the galley showing the magic of a gimballed stove... and then a bit of the nightly report through the ham radio to the Pacific Seafarers Net.


  1. It's lovely to "see' how your life aboard was after following you via your forwarded emails while you were enroute. Thank you for putting the energy into sharing the visuals with all of us.

    Howard & Diane

  2. Looks like Bill was enjoying a Terrwyn Coffee while filming the galley scene! Love the videos and blogs. Keep living the dream!
    Brent & Nicole

  3. Glad you are enjoying these little clips! It's great to finally be able to share them with you and provide a little visual history of our trip. We relive the great times when we create these shows... thanks so much for your great comments Howard and Diane and Brent (yes, Brent, I think Terrwyn coffee had a definite role to play there!!)...