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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Hour on Terrwyn... Refreshments, Stories and Songs

The cockpit of Terrwyn became a busy and often noisy little place around 5pm every afternoon... we would gather to share the days events, sing along with our favourite CD's, have a few refreshments or two and enjoy the vast ocean and endless sky around us.  Sometimes a few birds -  Shearwaters, Petrels and when we got closer to the Marquises the Little White Tropicbirds and Red-tailed Tropicbirds and later on the journey even a variety of different Albatross - would swoop around the boat perhaps hoping to pick up a few of the crumbs from our cheese and crackers!

Here's a little video that might help to capture a little of what we enjoyed during our Happy Hour on Terrwyn:

1 comment:

  1. Ahoy!
    What a wonderful video! It certainly captures the fun you had during happy hour, and your knowledge of sailing terminology! Will you be competing with Jimmy Buffet on your ukeleles?

    Mark & Laura