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Friday, December 9, 2011

Crash and Burn... not to worry... No one was hurt!

Okay, it's not what you are thinking!  Phew!!  Not Terrwyn - as she is safely 'on the hard' at Gulf Harbour Marina just north of Auckland New Zealand.  Not the wonderful Quantas plane - which got us safely from New Zealand (our final sailing destination) to Canada. (By the way, we would NEVER fly Air Canada even though they offered a much better non-stop route... but that's for another blog!).

What crashed was our faithful ship's laptop which held every single photo and video that we took on our journey!!  Luckily I had a few... (hundred)... on memory sticks which survived the harsh maritime environment.  We also recovered many of the photos from the dead hard drive, but the quality is less than perfect.  Oh well what is an adventure without a few mishaps?

This posting will begin our gallery of photos and videos from our voyage that we weren't able to upload from our internet cafes throughout Polynesia... where bandwidth and speed problems abound.  Hey, better late than never!

Here we go:

First we have our "video log"  that we started from Day One - starting with leaving Bamfield, on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island.  (Unfortunately I accidently posted the video as private and then again as public... and now you have two copies of the same video... oh well... where is our talented Blog Boy when we need him???).  Sorry to be so confusing - I blame it on landsickness - i.e. being totally dopey !!

Oh well we hope you enjoy it... them... whatever!

Far, far away in a vast world of water...

To be Continued!


  1. NICE! Thanks for the video. Looking forward to more! I tried to page Bill at work to talk, but couldn't find his pager in the system. Probably vaporized the entry when you guys went off sailing. I'd love to hear more detail.
    Magnus Murphy

  2. Hey, you are dressed up like our XC trip on Plain of Six Glaciers! Looking forward to more footage from sunnier climes.


  3. This is great! Really enjoyed seeing your videologue of the first week: vessel, the waves, the weather, the steering geer, safety line and the explanations of things. Looking forward to seeing more!

    April and Brent

  4. Thanks for your comments, Magnus, M, and April and Brent. We love hearing from you and are glad that you are enjoying the video... I am working on the next one as we speak! Magnus, Bill's pager # is 03278 :-)

  5. We are both THOROUGHLY enjoying your video log!! You are both amazingly stalwart souls to have embarked on such an extraordinary trip. We're SO glad you made it home safely and happily and with marvelous tales to tell. We can hardly wait to see you both in person!! Huge love, Jenny and Glenn xoxo

  6. Jenny and Glenn... we can't believe that we have been back home for almost one month and that our sea voyage is almost a wonderful dream!