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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sailing with Dolphins!

Now it's later in June... June 20th to be exact... and the weather and water are getting considerably warmer!  YAY!  You will notice that the layers of clothing are much less and for Cathy to dangle her tootsies in the bow wave it must be warm!

In this clip we were lucky to have at least 40 or 50 dolphins come and play with us!  They were positively joyful while racing with Terrwyn ...  also with light airs we were able to fly both the spinnaker and the drifter. 


  1. Cool! Do you have any footage of wing on wing with drifter and chute?

    P.S. The dolphins were not apparent on Google Earth!!


  2. We sure do, Mikey!! Stay tuned :-) Funny about the dolphins not showing up!! What's with that?

  3. What a wonderful video! Did you speak with Flipper?